Organizations, Research Collaboratives, and Resource Collections


Algorithmic Botany

Arbeitsgruppe Floriographie, University of Erfurt & Free University Berlin

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Botanical Fiction Database

Botanical Speculations Facebook Group

Cultures du végétale

Data Garden (see its MIDI Sprout plant listening device and Plants FM streaming service)

Deutsche Gartenbaubibliothek

Ecological Imaginaries: Relationships, Storytelling, and Poetics blog

Ecopoetics Perpignan

Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees

Eternal Forest (Facebook group & YouTube channel)

European Tree of the Year

Flora Robotica

Forest App

Forest History Society

Gothic Nature Journal

Herbaria 3.0

Herbarium World

Imaginaire Botanique/The Botanical Imaginary and Ecological Awareness: Aesthetic, Practical, and Scientific Aspects of the Circulation of Plants in Literature

In Defense of Plants blog (and podcast, see podcast list)

Irish Tree Alphabet

JSTOR Daily: Plant of the Month

JSTOR Global Plants

Medieval Plant Survey

Microcosms: A Homage to Sacred Plants of the Americas

Networking with Plants in the Anthropocene

New Directions in Plant Ethics Project (with bibliography), University of Vienna

New York City Tree Alphabet

Oak Spring Garden Foundation

Oecologies: Inhabiting Premodern Worlds, University of British Columbia & Simon Fraser University

Plantae: Global Plant Science Community

Plantarium Facebook Group

Plant Fever traveling exhibit, book, journal, and activities for kids

Plant Humanities Initiative at Dumbarton Oaks

Plants at 4A Lab

Plant Studies Collaboratory

Poetic Botany

Pō-é-tree: Readings and Discussions, University of Arizona Poetry Center & Arboretum

Queer Botany

Smithsonian Gardens Orchid Collection

Society for Economic Botany

The Mind of Plants

The Philosophical Life of Plants

The Planthunter

The Plant Initiative

The Plant Intelligence Project blog

The Seed Box Collaborative, Linköping University

Trames arborescentes

Tree Radicals

Tree Sisters

Virtual Herbarium (Starr digitization of Steere collection at New York Botanical Garden)

Wohllebens Waldakademie