Conferences and Academic Events 


01/2023: Modern Language Association Panel: Plants in 19th-Century German Culture, San Francisco, USA 


09/2022: Plant Humanities Conference, Dumbarton Oaks

05/2022: 2nd International Environmental Humanities Conference: Critical Animal and Plant Studies, Cappadocia University, Turkey/online


10/2021: Conference: Der Deutsche Wald: Kulturgeschichte, Mythologie, Ökologie, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland/online

06/2021: Conference: Toward a New Way of Being with Plants, University of Minnesota, USA/online

06/2021: Workshop: Locating Plants: Philosophy and Literature, Vienna, Austria/online

05/2021: Conference: La mobilité des plantes à travers le récit/Plant Mobility and Narrative, Montréal, Canada/online

04/2021: The Mind of Plants Symposium, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia/online

03/2021: Plants and Poetics: A Panel Discussion, University of Pennsylvania, USA/online

03/2021: Event: Botany, Trade and Empire: Exploring Kew’s Miscellaneous Reports Collection, online

01/2021: Modern Language Association Panel: The Persistence of Plants in an Emergent Plantocene, Toronto, Canada/online

01/2021: Modern Language Association Panel: Tree, Toronto, Canada/online

01/2021: Modern Language Association Panel: Trees, Root, Planet, Toronto, Canada/online


11/2020: European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture and Environment Panel: Arboreal Imaginaries, Granada, Spain

10/2020: FLARE Network Twitter Conference: Reimagining Forests and Livelihoods in Turbulent Times, online

10/2020: Workshop: Der Wald in der Literatur des Mittelalters: Konzepte – Funktionen – Deutungen, University of Bonn, Germany

06/2020: Political Ecology Network (POLLEN) Panel: Plant Spaces, Vegetal Places? Placing Vegetal Life in Urban Political Ecology, Brighton, UK

06/2020: Workshop: Jews and Gardens in European History, Berlin, Germany

05/2020: Webinar Series: Around Nature, Cultural Office of the Spanish Embassy and the National Academy of Sciences, Spain/online

03/2020: American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies Panel: Herbarium: Illustration, Classification, Exchange, St. Louis, USA (canceled due to COVID-19)

03/2020: Northeast Modern Language Association Seminar: Vegetative/Meditative States and Other Lessons from Plants in Early Modern Literature and Culture, Boston, USA

03/2020: International Conference of the University of Tartu and the University of Quebec at Montreal: Forest: Northern Representations/Images, University of Tartu, Estonia.

01/2020: Modern Language Association Conference Panel: Vegetal Imaginations: Plants in German Literature and Culture, Seattle, USA


10/2019: Workshop: Working with the Vegetal IV, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

10/2019: International Conference of the New Directions in Plant Ethics Project: Greentopia: Ideas, Concepts and Institutional Proposals, University of Vienna, Austria

07/2019: International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference Panel: Botanical Identities, Edinburgh, Scotland

06/2019: Conference: Sex and Nature: 1800-2018, University of Exeter, UK (podcasts)

06/2019: First International Conference of the Literary and Cultural Plant Studies Network: Vegetal Poetics: Narrating Plants in Culture and History, Dresden, Germany (conference report)

05/2019: European Association for Studies of Literature, Culture and the Environment Conference: Trees in/and/around Literature in the Anthropocene, University of Turin, Italy

05/2019: Serpentine Galleries Event: The Shape of a Circle in the Mind of a Fish with Plants, London, UK (podcasts, videos)

05/2019: Science Slam: Mensch, Wald, Gesellschaft, Dresden, Germany

04/2019: Workshop: Working with the Vegetal III, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

04/2019: Serpentine Galleries Event: Plantsex, London, UK (podcasts, videos)

03/2019: Northeast Modern Language Association Seminar: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Thinking with the Non-Human in Old Regime French Literature, Washington, USA

02/2019: Workshop: Pflanzen und Gärten: Botanische Poetologien vom Mittelalter bis heute, University of Siegen, Germany


11/2018: Seminar: Working with the Vegetal II, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

10/2018: Coalition of Women in German Conference Panel: The Forest Unseen: Feminism and the Visibility of Connections in Bodies, Nature, Science, and Violence, Sewanee, USA

09/2018: European Association for the Study of Culture, Literature, and Environment Convention: The Garden: Ecological Paradigms of Space, History, and Community, University of Würzburg, Germany

05/2018: Seminar: Working with the Vegetal, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden

04/2018: Comparative Literature Workshop: Bäume der Literatur, Bochum, Germany

04/2018: Symposium: The Life of Plants/Het leven van de planten/La vie des plantes, Free University Amsterdam, Netherlands

04/2018: Northeast Modern Language Association Conference Panel: Towards a Critical Plant Studies, Pittsburgh, USA

03/2018: American Comparative Literature Association Conference Seminar: Living Matters: The Politics and Poetics of Neglected Life Forms, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

03/2018: German Department Conference: Ecological Archives: Histories of Environment in German Studies, Emory University, USA

03/2018: American Society for Environmental History Conference Panel: Forest Exploitation in Global Perspective: Ecological and Economic Change in Early Modern and Modern Americas and Europe, Riverside, USA

02/2018: San Antonio Museum of Art’s 21st Annual Mays Symposium: Old Worlds–New Worlds: Botanical Fervor in the Age of Discovery, San Antonio, USA


11/2017: Jahrestagung der Kulturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft Panel: Mensch-Pflanze-Verwandlungen aus der Perspektive der ‘Plant Studies,’ Ghent University, Belgium

10/2017: Seminar: With Plants, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Finland

10/2017: Workshop: Devenir Plante, École Polytechnique Paris, France

09/2017: Symposium: Botanical Speculations, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA

06/2017: Conference: Plantarium: Re-Imagining Green Futurities, Linköping University, Sweden

06/2017: International Conference of the New Directions in Plant Ethics Project: The Future of Natural Heritage, University of Vienna, Austria

05/2017: Workshop of the New Directions in Plant Ethics Project: Garden Ethics, University of Vienna, Austria


11/2016: Workshop of the New Directions in Plant Ethics Project: Plants and Robots: New Directions in Relational Ethics, University of Vienna, Austria

10/2016: German Studies Association Conference Seminar: The Literary Life of Plants: Agency, Languages, and Poetics of the Vegetal, San Diego, USA (where this network was founded)

04-06/2016: Workshop & Lecture Series of the New Directions in Plant Ethics Project: Plant Ethics, University of Vienna, Austria

03/2016: Conference: Cultivation: Vegetal Lives, Global Systems and the Politics of Planning, Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK


03/2015: Workshop: Designing Sex Toys for Plants, Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

03-06/2015: Lecture Series of the New Directions in Plant Ethics Project: Plant Ethics, University of Vienna, Austria


06/2014: The Fifth Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature, Environment & Culture, Australia & New Zealand: Affective Habitus: New Environmental Histories of Botany, Zoology, and Emotions, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

05/2014: Botanical Ontologies: A Cross-Disciplinary Forum on Human-Plant Relationships, Oxford, UK


05/2011: Plant Encounters Workshop, University of Toronto, Canada